WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE Do you love colors? Do you love art? Do you love streetart? Do you love piggies? Then you are goldrichtig here on my website! It’s easy to look around on this site, but my piggies are hochkompliziert, little creatures with a corky character. Indeed! Love
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ALL MY PIGGIES You can see my piggies in town! London town! All around London! If you find them in town, smile at them - if you have to - touch them, they like Streicheleinheiten. But don’t remove or take them away! Cos sooner oder later I will get you, you Hosenscheisser! And now enjoy the piggies on my website. Likewise keep your eyes open and rejoice the Schweinchen in the freie Wildbahn - in London town or other towns!
LOVE PIEPENBRINCK AND THE TATE MUSEUM “the physical possibility of beeing a shark in the mind of a living piggy” LSD - London Street-Art Design  http://londonstreetartdesign.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/lovepiepenbrincks-piggy-in-tank.html LOVE PIEPENBRINCK GOES PIG BEN Unbelivable! Record! All little clock piggies did their best on the friday! Really good sound! Read the article of the London Evening Standard here:   LOVE PIEPENBRINCK INSIDE OF THE BOOK NEW STREET ART Thank you, Claude Crommelin, for mentioning Love Piepenbrinck in your wonderful book! Great photos! The book is well worth seeing - encyclopedia of key performance streetartists! Interested parties have to buy it!   LOVE PIEPENBRINCK INSIDE THE MEININGER HOTEL IN BRUSSELS, BELGIUM 8 piggies went to the Meininger streetart hotel in brussels to have a new home. One piggy was stolen in the Meininger before it could see the wall. What a shame!         ABBEY ROAD HAPPENING 44 years later it was time for a new and actual photo! The piggies took the challenge. Lots of people came and it took 3 hours to take the right photo. People wanted to get a photo with the piggies, wanted to touch them, but unfortunately couldn't get an autograph. The event was broadcasted worldwide via webcam in more than 80 countries. If you missed it, don't  worry and see some photos here or on flickr. Click pictures to see more! LOVE PIEPENBRINCK ADVENT CALENDAR 2013 Find the Love Piepenbrinck advent calendar in town, take pictures of the piggies and post the right piggy on the right day of december on my facebook account. One of all the participants will win an original Love Piepenbrinck piggy! Let it be YOU! Here the piggies for the 2 winners:           FATHER CHRISTMAS’S SECRET ARMY PIGGIES INVADE LONDON Merry X-MAS 2014! 24 little father christmas piggies invade london! Succeeded!   LOVE PIEPENBRINCK THAT’S ME I love tomatos and peppers. I love Pommes, my godness - yes! I love London and Hamburg! Lovely cities! I love art! I love museums like The Science Museum, The Guggenheim, The Moma and unknown little art galleries. And the royal dynasty as well. My first piggy was a tiger piggy. A piggy with a kiss in it’s eye. I did it because I was and I am still in love with a tiger. I had so much fun doing the little tiger piggy - anyway I couldn’t stop making more piggies. I love making piggies for the streets of LONDON town, United Kingdom - and some of them moved to other countries too. But this first piggy still lives at my home. © Love Piepenbrinck 2017                        MIT LOVE DURCH LONDON EIN INSIDER REISEFÜHRER Komm mit mir durch London. Ich zeige Dir die interessanten Ecken der Stadt. Bist Du Standrd oder lieber Insider? Touri Standard Programm kennt ja jeder - nee!  Insider sag ich! Viel Spaß auf meiner Insider Tour! Jetzt bei amazon bestellen!  YES! In Deutsch als e-book und Taschenbuch und in Englisch als e-book sowie Taschenbuch  erhältlich.